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The Room

The Mics

  • Audio Technica AT-4040 (2x)
  • Shure SM-7B 
  • Sennheiser e835
  • Sonderlon S1C (Rental)

The Gear

  • Apple Mac Pro  12 core/64GB RAM

  • Pro Tools 2019

  • Logic Pro X

  • Ableton 10

  • Apollo 8 FW/Thunderbolt 2

  • Avid Artist Mix

  • LA-610 MKII

  • Hairball 1176 (Blue Stripe)

  • 2x Golden Age Project Pre-73 MKII

The Monitors

  • NS-10 M (Matched Pair)            {Powered by a Hafler P1500}

  • JBL 3 Series (8") 

  • JBL 3 Series Subwoofer (10")

The Booth

The Instruments

  • Voss and Sons 1974 Upright Piano

  • Artesia 88 Key (Weighted MIDI Keyboard 

  • Alverez (Acoustic Guitar)

  • Sears Silvertone 1458 (Guitar Amp)

  • LP Cajon

  • 1960 Vintage Kalimba (B Flat Tuning)

  • Ukalele

The Booth


  Studio    -    Engineering    -    Mixing     -    Mastering    -   V/O   -  Post Production


Located in the heart of Hollywood, The Spot Recording is a new studio created with the singer & songwriter in mind. 


Our independent, single-roomed recording studio is designed to encourage the smooth flow of creative energy. Find your sound in our private, inspiring atmosphere. 


Both beautiful and functional, our curated space comes ready with the tools you need. Take your music from concept to master with our state of the art equipment and software.

Engineer and Founder:

Keith Parry

Red Bull Studios New York 

       Keith Parry is a Multi-Gold and Platinum Winning Engineer. He is an Los Angeles based engineer who cut his teeth in NYC, wiring and engineering for studios such as Stadium Red, Jungle City Studios and Red Bull.


After earning nearly a decade of experience in New York, Keith relocated to LA where he worked as an engineer for Chris Lorde Alge (CLA). Soon after, he went to work for Paramount Recording as a house engineer. 


 During his time at Paramount, Keith developed a strong relationship with ‘Songs Publishing’. After many music projects with Songs, Keith chose to focus on his passion for vocal engineering and production.

Mixes and Recordings

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  Studio    -    Engineering    -    Mixing     -    Mastering    -   V/O   -  Post Production


Photos by: Jonathan Tique

  Studio    -    Engineering    -    Mixing     -    Mastering    -   V/O   -  Post Production

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